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Ellaroo baby slings and carriers are made from organic cotton and come in twostyles; the Ring Sling and the Mei Hip.

The beautiful carrier designs are inspired by traditional baby carriers from around the world, while keeping the modern parent in mind. Ellaroo uses the highest quality materials to make comfortable, practical, durable baby carriers.

All these Ellaroo products are made with 100% organic cotton dyed with non-toxic eco dyes. The padding in the slings is allergy-free fibre from recycled PET.

For more information see below or please call 0401 924 070 and speak to Crecy or send us a message here.


Ring Sling
This lightly padded baby sling is great for newborns and nursing mums, and it carries heavy toddlers exceptionally well.

The two padded side seams are independently adjustable through lightweight brushed aluminium rings, with an open tail for maximum versatility.

The sling is designed to cup the shoulder and spread naturally over the back, keeping the baby secure and close to the centre of gravity.

Mei Hip
The Mei Hip baby carrier is one of the only hip carriers on the market with a shoulder strap that cups the shoulder, rather than riding up towards the wearer’s neck.

The supportive waist strap creates a very practical, comfortable baby carrier which can be worn on either hip.

This solution has allowed even those with neck and back problems to wear their babies and toddlers comfortably. Reversible for solid colour.

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