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Infant Feeding – FAQs

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Unlike conventional plastic, which is largely made from petroleum, Dandelion feeding items are primarily made of corn bioplastic (PLA)

What is it and how is it made?

PLA is made through a chemical process, which starts by fermenting the sugar extracted from corn kernels.

The corn used is the most common type of corn grown in the US, and it is primarily used to feed animals and make artificial sweeteners.

Dandelion uses a unique formula, made from corn and other biodegradable, non-toxic ingredients. The feeding items were designed to be lightweight – so eventually, at the end of their useful life (and they should last a long time) they will break down safely and better in the landfill/waste facility environment.

The corn that is used to make Dandelion reusables is certified to be free of any genetic material.

Why choose Dandelion Reusables?

Corn PLA requires significantly less fossil resources and generates far fewer greenhouse gases than conventional plastic. Corn is a renewable and sustainable resource.

Dandelion natural feeding items are reusable. Reducing the use of “disposable-ware” is an essential step toward a healthier future for families and the environment.

Dandelion PLA feeding items are clearly labelled as PLA to assist both the consumer and, at the eventual end of the product’s life, the waste disposal facilities.

PLA is bio-degradable in household compost allowing Dandelion products to be fully recycled. Petroleum-based plastic has revolutionized our lives but we are learning about its potential effects on people and our planet.

Bioplastics are rapidly evolving as a viable alternative and offer new opportunities:

Reducing dependency on oil

Reducing exposure to potential toxins

Inspiring continuous technology improvements

Why can’t I microwave Dandelion reusables or put them in the dishwasher?

PLA is a temperature sensitive material; the dishwasher, and especially the microwave, can get really hot.

Because the feeding items are primarily made of corn, they will distort and may discolour at very high temperatures, like in a microwave.

Dandelion is continually testing reusables for top-rack dishwasher use (the company regularly runs them through their test machines with no problems). However, they have found that the heat exposure can vary considerably, and they are concerned about distortion possibly occurring. Until they have further results, Dandelion recommends hand washing at this time.

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