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Infant Feeding

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Feeding time takes just the right ingredients; the perfect blend of tasty and healthy foods as well as fun and functional equipment. Designed especially for infants and toddlers, Dandelion’s corn plates, bowls and utensils help ease the transition to solid foods and self feeding.

The divided plate keeps foods separated, and kids happy. The easy-grip bowl has deep sides to keep food inside, and parents happy! The utensils are specially shaped to fit small hands. Sold in multipacks, so you’ll always have enough! And now, new for baby, the slim infant spoon and sectioned bowl; sold as a handy feeding set or a spoon multipack.

Why corn reusables?
Reducing our dependency on both petroleum-based plastics and disposable-ware in general is an essential step towards a healthier future for our families and our environment. Dandelion’s reusable corn products offer a visionary alternative and a better choice,

Corn, really?
Really! Dandelion uses a unique polylactic acid (PLA) formula made from corn. Unlike conventional plastic, which is largely made from petroleum, its bioplastic is primarily made from corn! PLA requires significantly less fossil resources to manufacture and generates far fewer green house gases than conventional plastic. And corn is a renewable and sustainable resource.


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