Shops and Online Stores

Introduction to working with The World of Good

We welcome wholesale enquiries. All of our business is done in collaboration with our stockists and we are always pleased to hear from anyone who would like to sell our products in their physical or online stores.

Physical Stores

If you have a physical store and would like to stock any of our products we'd be delighted to hear from you. We have a very small minimum order requirement (currently $100) so you can try a range and see how it goes. We'll provide you with as much support as we can in the form of marketing materials and information about new products and we will do our best to respond to any specific requests for help.

We have only one important proviso before we can start to do business together. As long as we represent the brand exclusively in Australia and the brand manufacturer has not made it a condition of our contract that we make the products universally available, we need to make sure that there are no obvious geographical conflicts with other physical stores that have not only established themselves in a similar market (eco, toy, pharmacy, gift, department, etc) but are also regular purchasers of our brands - see below for more information.

If you'd like to become a reseller please call Crecy on 0401 924 070 or send her a message here.

Online Stores

If you have an online store and are keen to make available products from The World of Good we would be pleased to hear from you. The only stipulation for selling online is that you have an ABN and a commercial website with a domain which reflects your business. We do not allow selling through third party platforms such as Facebook although obviously Facebook and other social media platforms are a perfect place to market the products. Except for special identified promotional activities we expect you to maintain the recommended retail price of the products and although we are not by law allowed to control the price at which you sell the products we do reserve the right not to supply if it is clear that regular discounting is taking place. Our nominal minimum order (currently $100 ex GST and shipping) makes it very easy to take a small range of our products and see how they go with your customers.

Please note that if, in addition to fulfilling sales from your online store, you also sell from your home as a physical store or at local markets, the same proviso for geographical exclusivity exists. Please see the section below.

If you'd like to give our products a try please call Crecy on 0401 924 070 or send her a message here.

Commercial Terms

We accept payment by MasterCard or Visa (as well as direct deposit) and we do not charge any fee for the use of a credit or debit card. Depending on your credit card billing date the timing of the use of a credit card can provide you with up to 45 days of credit.

We do not offer credit accounts.

Geographic Exclusivity for Physical Stores

As a general rule any customer that is purchasing approximately $500 monthly of an exclusive brand across the entire brand product range is deemed to be making significant enough commitment to the brand to have earned geographic exclusivity in their shop category (baby, homewares, gifts, etc) assuming that the brand has not mandated universal availability (see below).

Of course this cannot ever be an exact science and, in the end, we make a judgement about what constitutes a conflict. In a major metro area we would normally differentiate by suburb although we sometimes have more than one reseller in the same suburb if it is obvious that they attract a different kind of buyer and/or are focused on a different market. Elsewhere we work out whether your premises are a reasonable distance from any business in the same category already selling the same products and who are purchasing on a regular basis. This provides a level of certainty to stores that have already made a commitment to marketing and investing in the area. Once you have been approved as a reseller in a particular area/category you can expect the same courtesy to be extended to you. In the event that you do not feel able to commit to a particular part of the product range this will be deemed non-exclusive and this part of the range may be offered to another reseller in your geographic area.

In the event that you become a reseller for a brand and the minimum monthly purchase requirements to retain geographic exclusivity are not met then we will, if approached by another reseller in your area, make the products available to them and geographic exclusivity will lapse. The exclusivity will not automatically transfer to the new reseller if you wish to continue selling the products. Only if you have decided not to continue selling the products will we consider transferring the exclusivity to a new reseller. Again, this provides a level of certainty about commitment to the brand.

Finally, this policy is always subject to change based on the requirements of our own suppliers. In the event that any of the brands require us to sell on a non-exclusive basis we will be obliged to modify this local arrangement.


If you have any special requirements, and you think that we might be able to help, please don't hesitate to ask. We look forward to working with you.