Fair Labour Practices

We take very seriously our social responsibility obligations. We source products from mills and manufacturing facilities that adhere strictly to fair labour practices. Here you will find a policy statement covering both employment expectations and working environment.

Labour Policy

No forced, indentured or child labour is used directly or indirectly to manufacture any products, wholly or in part.

Full compliance with the national and local laws of the country where the facilities are located. Such legislation includes, but is not limited to, building safety, fire code rules, employment standards and employee health and safety regulations.

Employee working hours are governed by local standards but are not more than 50 hours per week (including overtime) for full-time employment unless employees voluntarily agree otherwise.

Each employee has at least one day off during every 7-day working week unless, in extraordinary business circumstances, they voluntarily agree otherwise.

Employees are paid in accordance with local and/or national laws and are paid overtime as earned in accordance with such legislation.

Part-time or temporary employment is governed by local and national regulations. Hours worked on a temporary basis do not exceed those for full employment.

Working Conditions

Working areas are well ventilated with comfortable, reasonably well-lit workstations.

Fire exits are adequate and well identified and employees are trained for emergency evacuation, if required.

The use of safety equipment and instruction is emphasized.

Employees receive regular health and safety training, and such training is repeated for new or reassigned workers.

Professional medical assistance is available with designated employees trained for emergency.

Employee living quarters, food, clothing allowance and other provisions as appropriate are adequate to meet the standards of the job.

Access to reasonably clean toilet facilities and to drinking water, and, if appropriate, clean facilities are provided for food storage.

A senior management representative is assigned the responsibility for health and safety.

The facilities do not subject employees to unhealthy, unsafe conditions or employ unreasonable mental or physical disciplinary practices.

The facilities have established education and training programs for employees in basic health and hygeine.